Monday, January 18, 2010

Disguised and Modernized...

My last post mentioned a hair chopping event that took place at the Aveda Institute. I am finally settling into my new look and have decided that I think it matches my personality much better. It's more modern and it's not really like anyone else because, well, my hair is pretty crazy and not like anyone elses so it tends to take on it's own personality and has done so with the new do!

I did take some pics of before and after at the salon but decided, after a couple of days of straightening it the RIGHT way, I liked it much better so I took new after pics. Here are the results, I would love to get opinions! I also will try to post soon some pics of it now that it's short and curly.

This was a couple days before the cut!

Washed & Straightened before cutting!

After! When it's curly it actually ends at my chin ;o)

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  1. Hi Kim-
    Happy New Year!

    Your hair looks amazing!!! I cut mine into a similar bob and then went I can't wait to have it long and curly again.