Monday, August 16, 2010

The Summer of Change...

So I haven't posted anything in a while because there has been TONS of changes going on for us!! I have been through a lot in the last couple of months and am not sure where things are going but I feel that there are more changes to come.

1. Destini graduated from high school
2. I graduated from community college
3. I graduated from The Art Institute and now have a Bachelor's Degree!!
4. Went out to celebrate
5. Had a double grad party with Destini
6. Started to get nervous about the move
7. Started working out
8. Lost a TON of weight (gained during school) because I was stressed
9. Decided I didn't want to move after all
10. Decided to help Destini find a way to still go to school in Cali.
11. Decided to move in January and Des would take online classes through Santa Monica College
12. Destini decided to attend Columbia College in Chicago instead
13. Now facing reality of Destini going off to school and me staying here
14. Contemplated life
15. Saw something I wanted to see
16. Saw something I didn't
18. Helped Destini prepare for Columbia
19. Started working on new designs for online boutique
20. Signed up to volunteer at the Humane Society
21. Signed up to volunteer for Fall Fashion Week in MN
22. Talked to a friend or two
23. Expressed my feelings
24. Started a home makeover
25. Bought a Cannon Rebel!!
26. Pledged to take a photo a day for a year (haven't started yet)
27. Watched car go crazy over the weekend and then fix itself!
28. Decided to take a Stripetease exercise class
29. Figured out my next tattoo (not getting for a while)
30. Bruising up my legs from yoga classes!
31. Found out Destini has hypothyroidism and will need to take medication for the rest of her life.
32. Started cooking whole meals again...when I feel like eating ;o(

It's been crazy around here. I guess that's the best way to get over boredom when you are done with school! It's interesting how quickly things can change. I'm not sure how I feel about all of it because I feel so out of control. I didn't plan anything that's happening and can't really do anything about it. It's pretty crazy!! The thing is, despite all of this, I feel like I have more time to devote to something.....but what??

Monday, June 21, 2010

A couple weekends ago, in order to prepare for packing for our big move, we had a Moving Sale. They are always so much work and usually don't pay off but this time we did a great job of organizing, pricing and advertising and had a successful sale!

Here are the keys to a great sale.

1. Be prepared for weather! We knew that since it had been raining almost daily in MN for the past few weeks, we should plan for rain during the sale. We borrowed a tent from one of my daughters school friends and it definitely saved us!

2. Be organized! Group like things together and either have signs or tags for prices of all your items.

3. Greet your customer! This may sound dumb but people love to coversate. They like to be acknowledged when they are in your personal space. It's a little strange walking into someone's backyard, driveway or garage so it's nice to strike up coversation. My sister was key for this!

4. Have Change! You definitely need to think ahead about the prices you are putting on your items and whether or not you will need certain change. We didn't have anything marked with off cents like $.03 so we didn't need any pennies. We did have things that were marked 25, 50 and 75 cents so we had all of the other coins neccessary.

5. Have at least one partner! There are times when you need to run and get food or use the bathroom or go and get something in the house you forgot so having a partner there to cover for you at all times is essential.

6. Have some music! Having some entertainment helps a lot and several of our customers were singing along. Make sure it's music that is more universal so you don't offend or scare anyone ;o) We stuck with the retro stations so there was lots of 70's and 80's magic!

7. Have somewhere to sit while working the sale. This is important. You don't want to stand all day and also you want to be sitting somewhere where you are visible to the customers.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Would you live on Pape Island?

Last quarter I took Critical Thinking. It turned out to be totally different than what I normally think of with the subject and was more like a phillosophy class but it was still very interesting. The main project was for the class to be broken into groups and design their own Utopia! It was a fun and complex project and my group I think was probably the group with the serious thinkers of the class! Most of the other groups came up with silly rules in their Utopia like men giving birth, no math, and all the alcohol you could stand but my group took a more realistic approach to it.

We designed Pape Island. Pape means water in the Reo Maohi language which is spoken in the Tahitian Islands.Our island is south of the Tahitian Islands nearest to New Zealand. Our moto was Live and Let Live! It was a fully sustainable, environmental friendly island where we grew and raised EVERYTHING we wanted or needed to live. It's like going back to the basics of the past but with modern technology to help us out like solar, wind and wave power. Our laws were to help as one community and not to force your opinions or rules onto others. We designed the island to have 5 community centers (like towns) where people could gather, go for shelter in storms, communicate, and where all of the official buildings and learning centers for kids would be. If anyone went against the laws or hurt another person, they were banashed from the island. People could leave and come back and new comers would go through an application process and show what type of qualities, gifts or talents they would have to share with the others.

It was such a fun project and something I wish people would have figured out a long time ago. Wouldn't it be nice if things were just that simple? If they weren't ruined by corruption and greed? If people just were happy trading fruit for labor instead of stabbing others in the back to get promotions or make more money? Is there anywhere like that in the world??? Ahhhh, one can wish, right?

Here are some pics from our project!

Our Flag (designed by me!)

Our Map

In earth houses

Cute little Chrysler Pea Pod (electric)

Awesome Biolet toilets (currently used in Japan on Mt. Fuji)

Our awesome fruits!! (my new goal is to now try a dragon fruit cuz they look awesome)

So would YOU live on Pape Island? What kinds of things do you do in your own home to make it Earth friendly?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This past weekend was a weekend of baby-step accomplishments for me but all in all I felt good about getting some things done! I managed to resort and organize all of my pictures, cleaned off the shelf that was holding the photo boxes and a lot of misc. items in the wrong place, cleaned off EVERYTHING in the powder room because of the toxic Scoop Away litter (never again!) and replaced litter with Arm & Hammer Natural, loaded the car with more items for Goodwill, found the perfect dress at Value Village for the Harlem Nights themed birthday party this weekend, picked up some needed supplies for some long awaited repair jobs around the house (wood and super glue) and actually managed to workout a bit!

Okay so not as exciting as some of the weekend updates on other blogs, I mean, I didn't dance around a room in fairy lights until I fell twice or celebrate NY FW  with friends in NY but considering that I'm working AND going to school full time I'd say that managing this much on the weekend is a great accomplishment! Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing I did....I hand washed about 8 pedistal sinks worth of dishes since our dishwasher hasn't been doing the job. And I HATE washing dishes! I also straightened my hair.

Some things I would have liked to get done:
   My nails!
   Some bags for the etsy shop (I promise that WILL happen again soon)
   Buying fabric for the dress we are designing at school
   Taking some outfit pics OUTSIDE!
   Working out more
   Oh what the heck as long as I'm dreaming, how about a trip to the SPA and finding someone to fix my crocked hair!

The most exciting thing is that I found an apartment that I really LOVE in L.A. Now I just need to research the neighborhood a bit to see if it's safe. The apartments are called Park Gramercy Apartments. They building is older and Destini loved the fact that it was in a U shape like the movie Rear Window. That might be a plus AND a negative. I love the moulding and detail inside the apartments and the price is great and they are larger than anything else we've seen. Des thinks it might be too good to be true so we will have to do some checking! Here are some pics from their ad on

The only negative is the poop brown carpet. I've been there done that, but hey, if the place is as reasonable as it lists, it's in a safe hood and there is a vacancy we might just take it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

the countdown......

Our first load for Goodwill is already to go! This weekend we will drive over and wait in the line for the drive-thru drop off so we can clear out our allway! It will feel good to get rid of all of these things but it won't be the last of it. The basement is slowly piling up with Garage Sale items for the spring and there are a few toys/games for the kiddos to use at the cabin (my great nieces & nephews) and some more Goodwill. WOW, it's so sad how we accumulate so much things we don't need and then you stop and think about people who have nothing and it makes up feel really selfish. The only way I can justify some of this nonsense is to reassure that I am doing my part by #1 donating and #2 frequenting the thrift stores to buy and make use of others discards before going and buying new again!!

Disguised and Modernized...

My last post mentioned a hair chopping event that took place at the Aveda Institute. I am finally settling into my new look and have decided that I think it matches my personality much better. It's more modern and it's not really like anyone else because, well, my hair is pretty crazy and not like anyone elses so it tends to take on it's own personality and has done so with the new do!

I did take some pics of before and after at the salon but decided, after a couple of days of straightening it the RIGHT way, I liked it much better so I took new after pics. Here are the results, I would love to get opinions! I also will try to post soon some pics of it now that it's short and curly.

This was a couple days before the cut!

Washed & Straightened before cutting!

After! When it's curly it actually ends at my chin ;o)

Monday, January 11, 2010

and counting......

Time seems to be going so fast. When I started counting the days I was shocked to figure out that I only have 201 days. That's 201 small, short days to completely change my whole life. It seems like a long time, especially considering that the week of the move the weather will be hot and sticky and now it looks like the picture above, but regardless it's coming!

Changes have already started to happen. We closed up about 8 bags worth of clothing and some home products to donate to Goodwill this next weekend and I am hoping to sort through some old mending and fabric as well and will have even more by the time I load up the car.

Now this morning I came in to hear reports on the Target Store that was hit by earthquakes over the weekend and it makes me wonder if I can handle all of that! I guess I don't have a choice and people probably think the same thing about us and our tornados and stupid snow!

Here are things that scare me about Cali:
#1 Earthquakes  (I've NEVER felt one before)
#2 Black Widow Spiders (I HATE spiders as it is and now I have to worry about dying from one)
#3 Fires and Mudslides (mud to me seems like something stupid to be afraid of, but I would think that would be the case for everyone till it takes out your house)
#4 the other wild animals (mountain lions, sharks and coyotes; I'm not really scared of the animals here. Deers don't attack and skunks, well you just run really fast! The raccoons are too scared to REALLY hurt you although their claws could do some damage!)
#5 Okay, I don't really want to say this because I consider myself pretty street smart and have gotten myself out of some tense situations but GANGS. I'm just gonna say it. It's not like we don't have them because we do, and contrary to most peoples belief we even have minority gangs believe it or not!!!!!! But, I have no problem with yelling at one here, I've done it! I did it when I was pregnant and he even apologized. My fear is that with my mouthiness I am underestimating the granger of the strength of the gangs and their power in LA. So I must learn to be passive I guess!!)

So on that note, I probably should end positively by mentioning all of the good reasons for us to move to LA!!
#1 WEATHER!! (I can't wait for no more winters and dispite what people keep telling me, I WON'T miss a white Christmas! I hate everything about snow and can't wait to NOT have to deal with it anymmore)
#2 These two kind of go together so Palm Trees and Beaches
#3 More Fashion (this will be great for me and hopefully give me opportunities to work in something I actually really enjoy)
#4 Auditions for Desta (yes, yes, I know. You are probably saying there are TONS of people who go out there with a dream and don't make it. And to that I say PISH POSH! There are tons of people that DO make it too! It's not the only reason we are going but it's certainly going to at least get her more auditions than she gets here even if most of them are no's. Here is the quote we often say to each other when we are on our way to an audition.....'It only takes ONE job....Just ONE!!!'
#5 Starting fresh. (It's not like everything here is horrible or anything, it's just the timing is so perfect for both of us, it just makes sense. It will be a fun adventure and hopefully one that brings us even closer together)

Changes to date that have happened towards the goal:
#1Chopped of tons of my hair for a new fresh look
#2 Bagged up all the pending Goodwill donation piles
#3 Today, Destini starts her PSEO Spanish Class at the Community College and I start Winter Quarter at A.I. AND Spring Semester at the Comm. College. Only about 6 more months of the school/work HELL and I am DONE!!! I will finally have my 4 year degree (and a apparel design diploma)!

Have you thought about how people make these huge life changing events happen without a hitch? Have you done it yourself? Can it be done as smoothly as I hope? Where in the heck are we going to live? What will I do for a job? It's all so scary but exciting at the same time. If you have any tips I would LOVE to hear them ;o)