Monday, January 11, 2010

and counting......

Time seems to be going so fast. When I started counting the days I was shocked to figure out that I only have 201 days. That's 201 small, short days to completely change my whole life. It seems like a long time, especially considering that the week of the move the weather will be hot and sticky and now it looks like the picture above, but regardless it's coming!

Changes have already started to happen. We closed up about 8 bags worth of clothing and some home products to donate to Goodwill this next weekend and I am hoping to sort through some old mending and fabric as well and will have even more by the time I load up the car.

Now this morning I came in to hear reports on the Target Store that was hit by earthquakes over the weekend and it makes me wonder if I can handle all of that! I guess I don't have a choice and people probably think the same thing about us and our tornados and stupid snow!

Here are things that scare me about Cali:
#1 Earthquakes  (I've NEVER felt one before)
#2 Black Widow Spiders (I HATE spiders as it is and now I have to worry about dying from one)
#3 Fires and Mudslides (mud to me seems like something stupid to be afraid of, but I would think that would be the case for everyone till it takes out your house)
#4 the other wild animals (mountain lions, sharks and coyotes; I'm not really scared of the animals here. Deers don't attack and skunks, well you just run really fast! The raccoons are too scared to REALLY hurt you although their claws could do some damage!)
#5 Okay, I don't really want to say this because I consider myself pretty street smart and have gotten myself out of some tense situations but GANGS. I'm just gonna say it. It's not like we don't have them because we do, and contrary to most peoples belief we even have minority gangs believe it or not!!!!!! But, I have no problem with yelling at one here, I've done it! I did it when I was pregnant and he even apologized. My fear is that with my mouthiness I am underestimating the granger of the strength of the gangs and their power in LA. So I must learn to be passive I guess!!)

So on that note, I probably should end positively by mentioning all of the good reasons for us to move to LA!!
#1 WEATHER!! (I can't wait for no more winters and dispite what people keep telling me, I WON'T miss a white Christmas! I hate everything about snow and can't wait to NOT have to deal with it anymmore)
#2 These two kind of go together so Palm Trees and Beaches
#3 More Fashion (this will be great for me and hopefully give me opportunities to work in something I actually really enjoy)
#4 Auditions for Desta (yes, yes, I know. You are probably saying there are TONS of people who go out there with a dream and don't make it. And to that I say PISH POSH! There are tons of people that DO make it too! It's not the only reason we are going but it's certainly going to at least get her more auditions than she gets here even if most of them are no's. Here is the quote we often say to each other when we are on our way to an audition.....'It only takes ONE job....Just ONE!!!'
#5 Starting fresh. (It's not like everything here is horrible or anything, it's just the timing is so perfect for both of us, it just makes sense. It will be a fun adventure and hopefully one that brings us even closer together)

Changes to date that have happened towards the goal:
#1Chopped of tons of my hair for a new fresh look
#2 Bagged up all the pending Goodwill donation piles
#3 Today, Destini starts her PSEO Spanish Class at the Community College and I start Winter Quarter at A.I. AND Spring Semester at the Comm. College. Only about 6 more months of the school/work HELL and I am DONE!!! I will finally have my 4 year degree (and a apparel design diploma)!

Have you thought about how people make these huge life changing events happen without a hitch? Have you done it yourself? Can it be done as smoothly as I hope? Where in the heck are we going to live? What will I do for a job? It's all so scary but exciting at the same time. If you have any tips I would LOVE to hear them ;o)

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