Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This past weekend was a weekend of baby-step accomplishments for me but all in all I felt good about getting some things done! I managed to resort and organize all of my pictures, cleaned off the shelf that was holding the photo boxes and a lot of misc. items in the wrong place, cleaned off EVERYTHING in the powder room because of the toxic Scoop Away litter (never again!) and replaced litter with Arm & Hammer Natural, loaded the car with more items for Goodwill, found the perfect dress at Value Village for the Harlem Nights themed birthday party this weekend, picked up some needed supplies for some long awaited repair jobs around the house (wood and super glue) and actually managed to workout a bit!

Okay so not as exciting as some of the weekend updates on other blogs, I mean, I didn't dance around a room in fairy lights until I fell twice or celebrate NY FW  with friends in NY but considering that I'm working AND going to school full time I'd say that managing this much on the weekend is a great accomplishment! Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing I did....I hand washed about 8 pedistal sinks worth of dishes since our dishwasher hasn't been doing the job. And I HATE washing dishes! I also straightened my hair.

Some things I would have liked to get done:
   My nails!
   Some bags for the etsy shop (I promise that WILL happen again soon)
   Buying fabric for the dress we are designing at school
   Taking some outfit pics OUTSIDE!
   Working out more
   Oh what the heck as long as I'm dreaming, how about a trip to the SPA and finding someone to fix my crocked hair!

The most exciting thing is that I found an apartment that I really LOVE in L.A. Now I just need to research the neighborhood a bit to see if it's safe. The apartments are called Park Gramercy Apartments. They building is older and Destini loved the fact that it was in a U shape like the movie Rear Window. That might be a plus AND a negative. I love the moulding and detail inside the apartments and the price is great and they are larger than anything else we've seen. Des thinks it might be too good to be true so we will have to do some checking! Here are some pics from their ad on ForRent.com

The only negative is the poop brown carpet. I've been there done that, but hey, if the place is as reasonable as it lists, it's in a safe hood and there is a vacancy we might just take it!