Monday, March 29, 2010

Would you live on Pape Island?

Last quarter I took Critical Thinking. It turned out to be totally different than what I normally think of with the subject and was more like a phillosophy class but it was still very interesting. The main project was for the class to be broken into groups and design their own Utopia! It was a fun and complex project and my group I think was probably the group with the serious thinkers of the class! Most of the other groups came up with silly rules in their Utopia like men giving birth, no math, and all the alcohol you could stand but my group took a more realistic approach to it.

We designed Pape Island. Pape means water in the Reo Maohi language which is spoken in the Tahitian Islands.Our island is south of the Tahitian Islands nearest to New Zealand. Our moto was Live and Let Live! It was a fully sustainable, environmental friendly island where we grew and raised EVERYTHING we wanted or needed to live. It's like going back to the basics of the past but with modern technology to help us out like solar, wind and wave power. Our laws were to help as one community and not to force your opinions or rules onto others. We designed the island to have 5 community centers (like towns) where people could gather, go for shelter in storms, communicate, and where all of the official buildings and learning centers for kids would be. If anyone went against the laws or hurt another person, they were banashed from the island. People could leave and come back and new comers would go through an application process and show what type of qualities, gifts or talents they would have to share with the others.

It was such a fun project and something I wish people would have figured out a long time ago. Wouldn't it be nice if things were just that simple? If they weren't ruined by corruption and greed? If people just were happy trading fruit for labor instead of stabbing others in the back to get promotions or make more money? Is there anywhere like that in the world??? Ahhhh, one can wish, right?

Here are some pics from our project!

Our Flag (designed by me!)

Our Map

In earth houses

Cute little Chrysler Pea Pod (electric)

Awesome Biolet toilets (currently used in Japan on Mt. Fuji)

Our awesome fruits!! (my new goal is to now try a dragon fruit cuz they look awesome)

So would YOU live on Pape Island? What kinds of things do you do in your own home to make it Earth friendly?