Monday, June 21, 2010

A couple weekends ago, in order to prepare for packing for our big move, we had a Moving Sale. They are always so much work and usually don't pay off but this time we did a great job of organizing, pricing and advertising and had a successful sale!

Here are the keys to a great sale.

1. Be prepared for weather! We knew that since it had been raining almost daily in MN for the past few weeks, we should plan for rain during the sale. We borrowed a tent from one of my daughters school friends and it definitely saved us!

2. Be organized! Group like things together and either have signs or tags for prices of all your items.

3. Greet your customer! This may sound dumb but people love to coversate. They like to be acknowledged when they are in your personal space. It's a little strange walking into someone's backyard, driveway or garage so it's nice to strike up coversation. My sister was key for this!

4. Have Change! You definitely need to think ahead about the prices you are putting on your items and whether or not you will need certain change. We didn't have anything marked with off cents like $.03 so we didn't need any pennies. We did have things that were marked 25, 50 and 75 cents so we had all of the other coins neccessary.

5. Have at least one partner! There are times when you need to run and get food or use the bathroom or go and get something in the house you forgot so having a partner there to cover for you at all times is essential.

6. Have some music! Having some entertainment helps a lot and several of our customers were singing along. Make sure it's music that is more universal so you don't offend or scare anyone ;o) We stuck with the retro stations so there was lots of 70's and 80's magic!

7. Have somewhere to sit while working the sale. This is important. You don't want to stand all day and also you want to be sitting somewhere where you are visible to the customers.