Monday, January 18, 2010

the countdown......

Our first load for Goodwill is already to go! This weekend we will drive over and wait in the line for the drive-thru drop off so we can clear out our allway! It will feel good to get rid of all of these things but it won't be the last of it. The basement is slowly piling up with Garage Sale items for the spring and there are a few toys/games for the kiddos to use at the cabin (my great nieces & nephews) and some more Goodwill. WOW, it's so sad how we accumulate so much things we don't need and then you stop and think about people who have nothing and it makes up feel really selfish. The only way I can justify some of this nonsense is to reassure that I am doing my part by #1 donating and #2 frequenting the thrift stores to buy and make use of others discards before going and buying new again!!

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